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A new ride in the city (and on the trail) – MODECO SUV 1.0!

12 February 2024

In recent years some new types of bicycles appeared on the market aimed at meeting specialized needs and preferences of cyclists.

The road bike for example is no longer just one type of bicycle – there are aero bikes, endurance bikes for those who prefer long distance comfort, lightweight bikes for those ones who prefer light and aggressive climbing bikes.

There are gravel bikes, which are road drop bar bikes equipped with wider knobby tires, able to ride light off-road with, if needed, numerous accessories attached. And from this category various expedition bikes have emerged matching the bikepacking perfectly. Nowadays, it’s easy to find “two wheels” that aim individual needs precisely.

But what about people who commute in the cities or focus on leisure riding but sometimes want to use the same bike for something beyond such applications?

In 2024 Romet introduced the Modeco 1.0 SUV to its lineup.

What does an SUV have in common with bicycles?

This name is closely related to cars, to the segment whose name is explained by the term “sport utility vehicle.” These are vehicles primarily used as comfortable, large spacious cars for active people, but also enabled to drive safely and comfortably on unpaved roads. This concept has been adopted for bicycles in the case for the Modeco SUV.

How does it materialize?

The Modeco SUV is a bike from the Modeco family – electric urban/touring bicycles. It features a semi-integrated downtube battery, low step frame, integrated LED lights, full mudguards, kickstand, Atranvelo rack compatible with the bags and baskets of this brand, mounted with a quick-release system. It’s a universal bike, suitable for both men and women, fully equipped and ready for daily urban as well as touring use. Comfort is provided by ergonomic handlebar grips, a suspension fork, and a suspension seatpost. The SUV’s versatility is ensured by a wide riser handlebar and 29×2,1 mountain bike tyres to face off-road challenges. The SUV is not a mountain bike, but thanks to such tires, it achieves good traction, grip and comfort on forest paths, canal paths, in parks – everywhere where there are no paved surfaces. The Modeco SUV is very versatile, and as the market situation shows, this type of bike is becoming increasingly popular.


All modeco urb/trk/suv models show Romet’s flexibility and ability to follow new trends and respond to cyclists’ needs.


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