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Romet in 2024 – what can we expect?

6 March 2024

New Year – new ROMET.

Romet has been steadily developing over the past few years, consistently increasing its market share. As a company with traditions armed with decades of experience and a recognizable name it had to face the competition. The market evolves dynamically all the time, the product range expands and the creativity of manufacturers over the past years has led to the introduction of new technological solutions and to the creation of numerous innovative products.

One might ask: Can you reinvent the bicycle? It turns out – yes, you can.

All the major European and American players are present on the Polish market that is pretty saturated. Romet has succeeded in this battle by producing 400,000 bicycles per year.

Not long ago, when someone was asked what he associated with the company, the same names were mentioned: Wigry – folding bike, Rambler – budget, successful mtb, Wagant, and Gazela – city-touring bikes. Recently, the list could be expanded to include names like Aspre – bikes from the increasingly popular gravel category. Romet has gradually climbed in terms of offering increasingly advanced bicycles in all categories. Of course, the appetite grew. The first bikes with carbon frames, the first electric bikes were introduced. Romet learned quickly. Planning to expand the product range into more advanced bicycles in each category, Romet recruited new engineers and designers – people who brought a lot of new ideas to the company.

And so we have reached the Year 2024.

For Romet, this is a breakthrough year. New models have appeared in all categories, many of them in aluminium and carbon. And a real revolution has taken place in the electric bike segment. The Monsun and Mustang MTB, as well as the Modeco, are milestones in the offer of this Polish manufacturer.

The 2024 flagship off-road bike from Romet is the Monsun – a bike built around a modern geometry and latest technological solutions including the new Shimano Cues groupset.

The heart of the bike is the Shimano EP8 assistance system – one of the most powerful and advanced motors of its kind. Compared to the competition, the Monsun has nothing to be ashamed of. And yet, it’s difficult to mistake it for any other bike – because it’s yellow.

Right behind the Monsun are two models from the Mustang collection.


We can find the same design solutions here, all modern MTB bike standards + Shimano and Bafang systems. What’s very important Romet’s e-bikes have big batteries, and in the case of the Mustang, they are available in two capacities – with the larger pack being very competitively priced. Choosing it doesn’t significantly increase the price of the bike, but it does increase the capacity of the pack and the range of the bike – over 30%!

The e-MTB offer is complemented by the refreshed E-Rambler collection – budget bikes, on the one hand, but designed and assembled in a very thoughtful way – including solutions seen on higher-end models – semi-integrated batteries for example.

The Rambler range has also been built on proven Shimano components, BMZ batteries, and Bafang assist systems. And all this at a very favorable price, with a two-year warranty and technical support from Romet UK.

Romet also introduces a completely new product line in 2024 – Modeco. The Modeco is a versatile bike category designed to cover a wide range of applications: urban cycling and long-distance touring. The Modeco consists of three lines of bicycles: Urban, SUV, and TRK. In presenting the offer of these bikes, we will focus on the models offered by Romet UK.

The Urban includes the 3.0 and 2.0 models, complete bikes meticulously designed in every detail.

The modern low step frame appeals to all users. Central Shimano and Bafang motors integrated with the frame, as well as batteries available in several capacities. The bikes are prepared for everyday use or long range trekking applications – powerful LED lighting, mudguards, kickstands, and – as a result of cooperation with the Swedish manufacturer AtranVelo – a rack compatible with a large variety of bags and panniers with a quick and easy mounting system called AVS. Both Modeco models are synonymous with comfort: ergonomic handlebars, comfortable grips, relaxed geometry supported by an adjustable stem. Comfort is also provided by suspension forks and suspension seatposts, as well as wide tires for paved roads- Michelin tires sized 29×2.2. Both Urban models are aesthetically well-refined – high-quality paint finishes, smooth welds, and internally routed cables within the frame. Designs meticulously crafted in every detail, in line with all modern trends for this category of bicycles.

In the Modeco collection, we also have the SUV model – the sibling of the Urban models, but equipped with wide handlebars originating from a mountain bike and wide tyres with off-road tread.

The name SUV obliges – vehicles in this category are known for their versatility and all-around performance – just like the Modeco SUV. The electric assist motor is placed in the rear wheel – an efficient and reliable solution that has been proven in electric bikes for many years.

Last but not least – the Modeco TRK 1.0. It is the entry level on – the difference compared to the higher models is narrower Michelin Protek tires and less advanced integrated lighting.

This significantly affects the attractiveness of the price. Bikes of this type are gaining increasing popularity, and it’s hard to imagine a manufacturer who wouldn’t take this into account at the moment. When it comes to electric bikes, Modeco is not the only word from Romet in this regard.

The collections are complemented by bikes with well-known names – Gazela for women and Wagant for men.



Both models have also been redesigned, and many new solutions used in the line of other electric models from Romet for the 2024 year. Wagant, with its legendary name from the trekking bike line – the workhorse for advanced trekking. These bikes also work great as commuters or bikes for everyday use. Here we also find an integrated battery, central Bafang motors, integrated lighting, factory-mounted mudguards, kickstands, Atranvelo racks, all in an aesthetic package of high-quality paint finishes, polished welds, and internally routed cables. Importantly, the prices of Wagants are unbeatable. On the British market you won’t find a better-equipped, configured, and well-thought-out bike at the price you’ll pay for it – an absolute market leader! The partner of the Wagant is the E-Gazela – the only significant difference compared to the Wagant is a low step frame and a different colour – other than that, it is also a high quality well-priced versatile bike.

The revolution in Romet’s offer in 2024 can be noticed in practically all aspects you look at. And all this is thanks to the new team of people who designed these bikes, taking into account market trends and, importantly, the needs of current and potential users.

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