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ROMET bikes in the UK

“We are pleased to announce that Bisaggio Premium Traders Ltd, trading as ROMET UK, has forged a strategic partnership with ROMET Company. We are honored to assume the role of the official and exclusive distributor of ROMET bicycles within the United Kingdom, effective as of the year 2023.


Our paramount objective revolves around the synthesis of innovation, uncompromising quality, and judicious pricing. This synthesis manifests across an expansive spectrum of bicycle categories, spanning trekking, urban commuting, leisure, high-performance, and contemporary e-bikes.”


Production of Romet Frames in Poland

Utilizing Industry 4.0 Technology

A Romet bicycle is the result of our factories’ meticulous production process. Starting from design, through innovative 3D printing of frames, rigorous laboratory tests of individual bicycle components, all the way to precision frame manufacturing and real-world testing. Our production facilities in Poland also encompass the production of rims and wheels.

The incorporation of Industry 4.0 technology is a cornerstone of our production. Through process automation, we reduce bicycle manufacturing time while ensuring top-notch quality. The entire production process is carefully monitored to maintain excellence at every stage.

Our state-of-the-art factories serve as a convergence point for industrial precision and advanced digital technology. Robotic production lines craft bicycle frames, seamlessly merging the tangible world of machinery with the virtual. Every year, our factories produce around 400,000 bicycles, a testament to the harmonious blend of artisanal precision and automation. Romet products currently reach 32 different markets worldwide.

At the heart of this exceptional process lies the spirit of the Romet brand, reflecting innovation, quality, and global excellence.

In 2023, we joyfully unveiled the first exclusive showroom of the ROMET brand in the British market. You can find us in Batley, West Yorkshire. Feel welcome to visit our showroom or website to discover a collection of bicycles that have the power to enhance everyday life.

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