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12 February 2024

Question of the day is the question above.

But let’s think about it: why should you buy it? Or consider that decision first?

The British market represents tens of millions of potential customers for various goods. This includes bicycles – many people already ride them or plan to purchase one. It might be the first bike for a child, spouse, or husband, or a gift for a friend. For many, buying a bike means adding the next one to their existing collection. Some people regularly buy new models or frequently swap bikes, looking for offers and promotions. Of course, there’s also a market for used bikes, which are highly popular.

The market is big, and there are countless products from numerous companies, some of them with a long tradition, years of experience, and often with sporting notable achievements. While searching for a road, mountain, or city bike, there are hundreds of models to choose from. In theory and practice, for example a city bike is a city bike, with certain features tailored to specific usage scenarios. However, people prefer, choose, and love specific brands, often not interested in exploring other products.

In such a saturated market, we decided to introduce the Romet brand.

You can ask: is that a reasonable idea?….

The second question that may arise is: why would someone be interested in bikes from Poland? After all, Romet is not as well-known as market giants, not as large, and its products probably aren’t as good as the competition’s….

….Well, that might be what someone thinks who hasn’t encountered Romet bikes yet and, especially, hasn’t seen the 2024 collection!

Why Romet from Poland?

The last two years have seen a revolution in the company – new people responsible for new products. Romet has hired new designers, young individuals who are open to implementing fresh ideas. Romet offers new bikes designed from scratch, considering all modern standards and featuring numerous advanced solutions. Romet listens to the voices of its distributors and customers, taking their suggestions into account to continuously improve products and solve any issues. Romet collaborates with market leaders and new companies introducing innovative solutions, much like Romet itself.

Romet is a collection of Shimano equipment, a leader in the production of bike components for all types of bikes. In the case of electric bikes, Romet partners with two companies—Shimano with its E-STEPS system and Bafang, the world’s largest producer of conversion kits.

Romet’s electric bikes offer large battery packs, in some models exceeding the capacity of all competitors’ products.

Romet bikes come with accessories from the Swedish company Atranvelo, offering racks and bags compatible with a quick and easy mounting system patented by Atranvelo. The bags are available in our offer – contact us for further details and check the link below.

Romet’s electric city and trekking bikes come with factory-mounted high-power lighting and a kickstand.

Romet bikes = a complete package, well-prepared for daily use.

Romet bikes offer visually aesthetic solutions, such as hidden cables, providing a “clean look”.

Romet bikes equal comfort in many aspects, featuring ergonomic handlebars, comfortable grips, adjustable handlebar stems. Suspension seatposts and forks are standard on many models as well.

Romet means a two-year warranty with extensive care provided by our company.

Romet UK offers favorable purchasing conditions.

Romet bikes offer competitive prices—a modern, advanced package of solutions in aesthetically refined packaging.

All this is possible because Romet has 75 years of tradition and experience, without that such a level of product quality wouldn’t be achievable.

Check for more details and visit us to experience our product range.

Check if this story matches the reality – visit us to experience Romet!



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